About Leanne

Hi! I’m Leanne – pastry chef, bookworm, gamer nerd, and amateur photographer. I never thought I’d make a book blog and actually start posting (non)reviews about books. A pastry blog, sure. A photography blog, definitely. But a book blog? OH goodness no, that’s too intimidating. However, after frequenting my internet BFF Kelley’s book blog, reading through her entire backlog, and at least 80% of the comments on the posts, I realized this community is just too good not to get into. I mean have you SEEN how many awesome people are in the book blogosphere? Pretty much tons of them. I’ve been a bookworm for nearly all my life (I was reading at age 3, with fake plastic lens-less glasses) and always loved talking about books with other people that also love books. I love discussing book-related things, and talking about food that’s in books, and how I wish I could hug certain characters or knock sense into others. I love discovering new authors, and collecting their beautiful phrases like shiny pieces of candy in a display dish.

Other things I like, bookish and not:

  • Secondhand or used bookstores, especially locally owned and operated
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Candy stores and pastry shops
  • My fuzzy little thundercloud Nimbus
  • Watercolor
  • Photography
  • Bacon and hazelnuts (as separate things, but I totally would eat them together)
  • My Asahi Pentax 35mm film camera (yes those things still function) from the 19FIFTIES!
  • Maps
  • Aqua, teal, and grey
  • Iceland
  • Lists!



2 thoughts on “About Leanne

  1. I like how there are plenty of different types of blogs you thought you might start, but never a book blog… yet here you are! It really is an amazing and fun community though! Yeah, you have some nutballs (myself including) but most people are just fun and loving book nerds. So glad you decided to join, and I look forward to bugging you! 😉

    • It’s funny cause I actually did recently start both a pastry blog and photography blog, and forgot to link them before (but they’re edited in now). I have too many interests to not give them their own blogs! All of the designs need work but I’m like so excited to get some content going on this one right now I’m putting them off for a little bit. Oh well it will come with time. 🙂

      The nutballs are what make the community fun! I mean, I think I’m a nutball too. I think Kelley is a nutball. It’s why we’ve gotten along so well for so many years. Appreciation of eccentricities and nerd-dom, and all that. Yay I like being bugged! And I’m totally gonna be bugging you too… when I find a new blog I end up reading through the entiiiiiiiiire backlog when I have time, leaving comments here and there. Be prepared!

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