Around the World in 80 Books: July 2013

I chose to pick up just one of the two books chosen for this month’s Around the World in 80 Books challenge over at Goodreads. In case you haven’t yet heard about the challenge: every month the group members vote on two books to read, one set in a country outside the U.S. and one set in a U.S. state. They have tons of challenges besides the monthly one to keep you interested in traveling via reading, and the monthly books are a great help for marking off locations for the Roadtrip Around the USA challenge or Circumnavigator challenge (which I’m doing). They also have more in-depth reading tour challenges for Italy, India, Canada, France, etc. The group is completely saturated with sources on finding books from around the world in general, which are also broken down by countries and region. It’s really an invaluable source of reading material outside your own area of living, even if you don’t want to participate in any of the challenges.

Bastard out of Carolina doesn’t sound much like something I would normally read, but looks like it will at the very least be a moving story, if not completely enjoyable. We shall see at the end of the month, or when I finish reading. Who knows, I may even do a review or something crazy like that! 🙂

Bastard out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
Setting: Greenville County, South Carolina



2 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Books: July 2013

  1. Welcome to the wonderful virtual world known as the book blogosphere, Leanne! Heard about you from Kelley’s blog, so just wanted to pop by and say hello. 🙂 I love the name for this challenge, and it sounds really cool. It would probably help expose us to more books set outside of the U.S., too, because, you know, we’ve got a lot of those. Anyway, good luck with this, and welcome to the book blogging community once again!

    • Thank you so much Megan! I’ve been sitting on the sidelines and admiring the book blogging community from reading through Kelley’s posts and the comments on them. Everyone seems so nice and there is always good conversation going on. I haven’t seen that in the types of blogs I usually frequent, which are food ones.

      It’s a really awesome challenge, and has gotten me interested in some books I probably wouldn’t have thought to pick up otherwise. I always want to travel someplace new and experience the culture and with all these different books it feels a bit like I get to. 🙂 They have *tons* of books outside the U.S. listed in different sections in the group’s posts, so you’re bound to find something that calls to you. I hope it exposes you to some good reading!

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